Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was forced to draw this

A good buddy of mine wanted me to do this for him
Im very happy with it ^. ^

Shes pertty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

After seeing him on 4CHAN/toy/ I realy wanted one but I could
never find him at Walmart where I live. So about 2 weeks ago I
went to the near by town and found him at there Walmart.
They had like 80 of them. Why do they do this to people-. -
I hate you Marvel.

David Tennant

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When I was in High school I Knew a guy that loved Dr Who.
I never could understand why. In 06~07 Si-Fi put the new
Dr Who on there Friday line up. S01 didn't fair well, but S02 was
great. It seems every Dr Who fan has a favored Doctor.
Mine is David Tennant.

Anyways about the shoes, In the show Dr Who wheres a pair of
these. This being his last year on the show, I desided to buy a pair

MrKM? Dr Who still sucks
Right from my art book. this is the new hero I'm working on. I
have big plans for him.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New wall for my PC, I realy like it. Kinda sums me up atm.
Im talking to you Vix.

The Waller is made up of 8 layers, 2 colors, & 3 screentones
The main art was scaned and printed, inked, then rescaned
for the best look. I realy don't think you should ink your ruff
drafts. Its better to scan, print, & ink.